Short Biography

Sherin Sugathan received his Masters degree in Computer Applications with a first rank from University of Kerala, India, in 2011. He is currently working as a Research Fellow with the University of Bergen, Norway. Earlier, he served as a Senior Engineer at Siemens Healthcare, India, where he worked towards development of cardiac software applications for ultrasound imaging. He also worked in various research roles at Enview R&D Labs and Indian Institute of Information Technology & management – Kerala (IIITM), India for a period of more than three years. His research interests include Image Processing, Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Deep Learning Architectures. He is passionate in medical domain and interested in solving problems in healthcare. His research has been published in various international journals and conferences. He also contributes to scientific article reviews for various reputed journals and conferences.

Research Interests

I have a strong passion towards applied computer science and I am interested in solving real-world problems using computers and other machines. I believe in hard work and gives importance to solving problems than focusing merely on programming tools but yes, I can write good code when it comes to implementation. I would classify my interests as:

Medical Visualization

With a passion towards medical computing, I am currently doing research in medical visualization which involves application of advanced computer graphics for improving understanding on pathology.

Computer Vision & Deep Learning

I am also interested in solving computer vision problems especially by using image processing and machine learning based techniques. I loves teaching on these topics and that means I can offer free training.

Digital Art & Multimedia

Being an artist, I also spend a lot of time creating art both traditionally (on paper) and digitally (using iPad and computer). A great way to stay creative! I also offer illustration services for creating high quality 2D/3D Medical, Scientific & Technical images.

Computer Graphics

Considering the future dominance of mobile computing, I have also gained decent knowledge in developing applications for Android platform. I would be very interested to explore opportunities where parallel computing capabilities in mobile devices are explored.