Remember using the initial version of Microsoft PowerPoint back in the 1990s? It was fun back then, especially when we tried to do slide animations! Years passed and so many multimedia tools were introduced to the public. For creating high-quality animations and other content, vendors like Adobe, Corel etc are ruling the world now. However, for the majority of people, PowerPoint is still a useful tool for creating professional slides. Even though PowerPoint is trying to regain its might in the recent years, people continue to make use of the same old set of basic features they used 10 years ago. This article mainly intends to highlight the remarkable efforts of Microsoft in improving the software. The article also aims to provide the information concisely without having to read too much.

  1. Video Export — Create Title Card for Premiere Pro!

For video editors, tools like premiere pro can offer easy solutions to cut, trim and join videos. However, if you need a good looking animated title card, it is still a tedious task manually animating using the timeline. With the video export feature in PowerPoint, now one can easily export professional looking animations as a video which can be embedded/included in other tools! A very useful feature for content creators!

2. Remove background — Improved Look and Feel!

Earlier, we had to take images out of PowerPoint for making edit operations like remove background, recolor, invert etc. Now, these features built-in, we can make our slides beautiful and consistent in just a few clicks! Learn commands from above image and try it out!

3. Morph Transition — The best among transitions!

This is a feature that is reserved only for Microsoft 365 subscribers and PowerPoint 2019 users. Try out this transition if you

4. Vector Graphics — No need to search internet for vector icons!

Check out the Insert –> icons section. They are amazing and just rich in categorized vector icons. Check it out! Believe it or not!, you can copy paste them in other vector editing software as well!

5. 3D Objects — Import and Interact with 3D objects!

This is a great advancement that PowerPoint now supports loading and showing standard 3D formats like wavefront OBJ, GLTF etc. While in presentation mode, you can even interact with those 3D models. Try out the Insert -> 3D models option.

6. Slide Loop — Show slides in a continuous loop!

This is a very useful feature for running public shows, conferences where you are sometimes required to run slides on screen in a continuous loop. You can get a simple explanation of how to do it from https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-loop-a-powerpoint?r=US&IR=T

7. Zoom — A Prezi like feature!

This reminds me of an old tool named Prezi. This features takes your presentations to a next level. Read more from https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/use-zoom-for-powerpoint-to-bring-your-presentation-to-life-9d6c58cd-2125-4d29-86b1-0097c7dc47d7